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Senior Living

Welcome to Gramercy Park Duluth

Gramercy Park has everything you want in a home and more, including a lifestyle you’re wise enough to appreciate.  We’re a resident-owned community of seniors helping one another and sharing with one another – where neighborly get-togethers are a regular occurrence.

Duluth’s Premiere Senior Living Cooperative

It’s called Cooperative Living. You enjoy living and your home cooperates. 
Conveniently located on Duluth’s hilltop, Gramercy Park Duluth is just minutes from the mall, shopping centers and popular stores, medical facilities and local attractions.  Our community is surrounded by a lush forest and frequently visited by many forms of wildlife.  We’ve made friends with deer, ducks and a variety of birds that gather at our pond.

Gramercy Park Duluth is Duluth’s most established Senior Living Cooperative and creates a great opportunity for singles or couples who are 55 or better to have their own home, but not have to worry about maintenance – whether you can’t mow the lawn anymore, or just don’t want too!  Opened in 2000, Gramercy Park is the most established Senior Living Cooperative in the area, with the experience and financial stability to help make you feel at home and an experienced Board of Directors to make sure all members’ needs are addressed and managed.  Our architect and construction crews have designed and built a fabulous community with a variety of residences, so you’re sure to find a home that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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