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Who owns Gramercy Park Duluth?
Gramercy Park Cooperative of Duluth is owned collectively by its members in residence.  Members take an active role in governance by electing a Board of Directors and serving on various committees.  The Board provides direction to excellent management staff.

How much does it cost to purchase a membership at Gramercy Park?
The purchase of a membership is a one-time cost.  It is based on the size of the unit and its value in the marketplace, which historically increases over time. 

How much is the monthly fee?
The monthly fee varies according to the size of the unit and may increase over time.

What does the monthly fee cover?
When comparing various condominiums or other cooperatives, it is important to note the multitude of expenses covered by the member’s monthly fee.  These services include real estate taxes, your portion of the master mortgage, lender required repair and replacement reserve and professional management.  Also covered by the monthly fee is heat, water, sewer, trash removal, grounds upkeep, snow removal, recycling, building maintenance, expanded basic cable television, internet, and the Gramercy in-house communication channel.

Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, Gramercy Park Duluth maintains a waiting list, which enables prospective members to indicate the type of unit desired and time they wish to be notified of the availability of possible selections.  To join the waiting list you must complete an application and submit it along with a refundable $500 deposit.

Are there special requirements for membership at Gramercy Park Duluth?
One member per home must be at least 55 years of age, capable of Senior living, and able to meet certain financial criteria.


What transportation options are available?
Gramercy Park Duluth has its own transportation van to planned trips and is convenient to Duluth’s Transit Line. 

What are the laundry facilities?
Each home has its own laundry area with a washer and dryer. 

Do you have accommodations for large gatherings?
Yes! The Gramercy Room (community room) is adjacent to our Fireside Room, centrally located on the main floor. In addition to the dining area, which will accommodate a large group, it also features a fully-equipped kitchen.  Just outside the door is a patio area with two grills and tables with umbrellas for your enjoyment.  This amenity can be reserved by any of our members at no charge to them!  

Do you have accommodations for Guests?
We have two lovely, recently refurbished guest suites, each accommodating up to four guests.  The Guest Suites can be reserved by any member for a nominal fee.

What are the parking facilities?
One parking space in our underground garage is included with the purchase of your membership.  In the event you have more than one vehicle, there is a possibility that you could rent space from another member who is not using their parking space in the garage.  Your second car could also be parked in one of our parking lots, however, some restrictions apply (winter parking).

What additional expenses do I have?
Additional expenses include telephone, electricity to your unit, and insurance on your personal belongings.  

What contributes to the cooperative’s security?
Security is a combination of our members’ vigilance and awareness coupled with a secure entrance and video surveillance system on-site.  This surveillance system allows members to view the building’s entrance on the Gramercy in-house channel on their own TV, affording members the option to allow – or not allow – a visitor access to the building.  We also have volunteers called GEMS (Gramercy Emergency Member Service) who walk the premises nightly to make sure windows and doors are secure.

Do you allow pets?
Members may have one dog or two cats (not to exceed 20lbs at maturity). Pets must be carried or carted through all common areas of the building.  There is a $250 deposit for pet owners before bringing their new pet home.  You may also have a “Visiting Pet” (same restrictions/regulations apply), a $250 deposit applies for this as well.

Is smoking permitted in my home?
No. It is the intent of Gramercy Park Duluth to provide a smoke-free environment to its members, conducive to good health.

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